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Our Story

LuLu London is a little "pet" project of ours.  In 2012 we became the proud Pup-parents of our first pooch - London.  Over the past 11 years our lives have been enriched by our little four-legged companion.  Today she isn't the family dog, she is truly another member of our family!


London has always been a beacon of happiness in our lives.  In January 2021 we created her very own Facebook page (feel free to "friend" London Grinley).  Our hope was to share a little bit of her joy with the world.  London's motto is, "If I can make one person smile today, then my work is done here until tomorrow."  She has posted every day since and there have been many smiling faces left in her wake!​


That brings us to LuLu London.  We wanted to create a K9 clothing brand that also puts smiles on  faces!  To do this we plan to offer high quality, original, homemade products that Pup-parents will cherish and love to show off.  "Made with Love, for the Pup You Love"  We hope you enjoy the products as much as we enjoy making them!

LuLu London dog bandana


3315 Taft Ct

Ames, IA 50010





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